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There once was a man. A happy man who lived a happy life in the happiest world. But he felt something was missing. A hole in his heart that couldn’t be filled. One day, on his way to a happy day at work, he saw a homeless beggar, waggling a finger at him. He approached the beggar, and the beggar handed him a key.

"This key is a very special key. Once you find the door it unlocks, you will have everything you will ever need. A perfect woman, perfect household, perfect family. I have been there many, MANY times and have been satisfied with what I have found. They gave me food, shelter and happiness. Pleasure. All when the man of the house was away. You look like you need a get away, so take it."

The beggar walked away without another word, leaving the man to his own. He held the key, and with his greed he walked away. Away from work, away from family, all to find what door it unlocked. In a month, he lost his job. Within 5, he had lost his family. Within a year, he had lost everything. But still he looked, hoping to find the door it unlocked. But never did he find it.

He went back to his old household one day, tired and sad, and he looked on to the dilapidated house in the corner of the street. His house. He saw the door. And got curious. He walked up to the door, hand shaking, and put in the key.

To his dismay, it clicked.









breakS BUTTon PRESinG sO hARD

I see no downside here.

Downside what downside

Downside: having to wait patiently for Tom Hiddleston 


thats okay, three years will fly by

Especially if they’re spent screwing jensen ackles

And only 4 to wait for Jared Padalecki. We good. *presses the button feverishly*

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